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Recharge your car's air conditioning

bravoauto air conditioning servicing from £69.99

At bravoauto we visually inspect the air conditioner compressor drive belt, auxiliary belt and all accessible components for cracks, leaks or damage. We then check the operation of the compressor. If no leaks or damage is detected, then we evacuate the refrigerant gas, vacuum test it, and recharge the air conditioning system using the appropriate refrigerant gas for your car. In addition, we recommend an extra decontaminate treatment to kill all bacteria.

✔ Full system operation check
✔ Full system pressure check
✔ Drain & Vacuum system 
✔ Check for leaks
✔ Recharge refrigerant gas and inject oil 
✔ All makes and models of cars
✔ Completed within 60 minutes 
✔ Air conditioning refresh - worth £19.99

Your cars air xonditioning system may require a new type of refrigerant gas.

Developed in conjunction with all major car manufacturers, R1234yf is the new, lower emission Air Conditioning standard for all cars produced for EU countries from 2013. All bravoauto stores now have next generation R1234yf units that meet the highest standards in performance, safety and efficiency.

Upon arrival, our technicians will confirm the correct type of Air Conditioning gas for your car. If you have booked the incorrect type of gas, we will advise you in advance that you may need to pay the difference for the new correct type of gas for your car. And vice versa, we will immediately refund the difference, should your car require the older R134a gas, but you paid online for the R1234yf gas.