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Tyre Safety Awareness Month October 2023

Checking your tyres can keep you safe but also help you save money, At bravoauto we're here to help.

For this year’s annual October-long Tyre Safety Month, TyreSafe, the UK’s tyre safety charity, has announced the launch of its highly anticipated “Safe and Save” campaign as a part of this year’s Tyre Safety Month. With a playful yet impactful approach, this campaign aims to educate and empower motorists across various groups to prioritise tyre safety, save money, and reduce risks associated with driving on underinflated tyres.

Tyre Safety Month was first established in October 2010 and since then has taken place every year. The annual event is setup by TyreSafe, a UK charity dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of tyre maintenance and the dangers of defective and illegal tyres. The charity was formed in 2006 and so far its activities have helped to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured each year in a tyre-related accident by an impressive 46%.

bravoauto are here to help drivers to get into the routine of checking their tyres regularly by offering helpful advice and also a free check over at your nearest store to you. There are three key areas of routine tyre maintenance: Air pressure, Condition and Tread depth.

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Why bravoauto?

bravoauto are express fit specialists, we're committed to providing everything you expect and more. 

  • Fully fitted from just £37.95
  • The tyre prices we quote include fitting, balancing and VAT 
  • We have the latest tyre fitting equipment and technology 
  • We have hundreds of different tyre sizes and makes in stock
  • We offer a free brake and tyre check 
  • We provide free puncture repairs for life on any tyre purchased from one of our stores* 
  • We offer while-you-wait appointments where you can enjoy access to free WiFi and drinks
  • We will dispose of your old tyre casing for free 

*Up to Legal Tyre Limit. Repair carried out to British Safety Standards.



Complete convenience

Car tyres are a consumable part which wear out due to age or use. As they are essential for your car's safety and performance it is important to replace your tyres if they cannot be repaired or have worn out.

If your car requires new tyres, you can browse our full range of tyres for your car and place an order online. Simply enter either the size of your tyres or your car's registration into our tyre store and browse our selection of tyres for all budgets and requirements. 

Or simply call your local bravoauto store and we'll be delighted to assist you. 

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Tyre safety

Having your tyres in good condition is essential when you’re out on the road. For safety, fuel efficiency, performance and to comply with legislation, your tyres need to be inflated to the right pressure, and you must ensure the tread depth does not fall below the legal limit of 1.6 millimetres.

Tyre checks should be carried out regularly, and at bravoauto, we’re here to help you with all of your tyre requirements.

We can inspect the safety of your tyres as part of our free 32 point health check when you book your car into one of our garages for work. 

Click below to book a service, mot, repair or tyre fitting with bravoauto to benefit from a free 32 point health check.

With our FREE tyre check service, we make it easy for you to maintain your vehicle’s wheels and stay safe on the road. During every bravoauto tyre check, our technicians will assess:

✔  Pressure
✔  Wearing
✔  Tread Depth
✔  Suitability

Ensuring your safety and letting you know if it is time to replace your tyres.