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If you tend to drive only shorter distances or you don’t often carry lots of passengers, then a small car could be ideal for you. Small cars are usually cheaper to buy and offer value for money, especially for first-time buyers. They’ll often come with smaller engines, which can mean better fuel economy and efficiency – which in turn can mean lower running costs too.

We've got plenty of used superminis cars to choose from, including some which are free to tax and have brilliant fuel economy.

To help you choose your next car, here is our top 5 small cars:
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When looking for a small car or supermini, it can be stressful to find something to suit your lifestyle, that's why at bravoauto we want to help you choose your car at a cost effective price. Here’s a checklist of things to look for when deciding on the perfect make and model:
  • How reliable it is
  • How economical it is
  • Does it have plenty of space, including in the back and in the boot?
  • It's NCAP safety rating
  • Is the build quality good?
  • How affordable it is
  • How practical it is

Read our buying guide for more helpful tips for choosing the perfect used car for you.

Check the practicality of the boot, the space for passengers and storage. You may not carry passengers often, but there will inevitably come a time when you need to transport family or friends, and need space for them. Think about the minimum amount of space you’re likely to need on a reasonably regular basis.

On the topic of families, you should check whether your car of choice is accommodating of child car seats and whether you have enough room for prams, bags and everything else that comes with a little one.

Check out finance guides to help you set a budget and comfortably fund you next car. 


Cars to suit every budget

Car ownership can place an additional strain on your finances and budgeting for a new car can be difficult. However, if you already have a car that you'd like to part exchange, why not sell your car to us? The value of your old car could make your new one a lot more affordable.

Once you know what car you wish to buy, there are many ways you can finance it. From HP to PCP, we will have a solution to fit your budget. Why not visit our finance comparison guide to find out more?