4 months breakdown assistance

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An exceptional level of cover

4 months at-home and roadside cover - as standard 

Our award-winning 4 months breakdown assistance is just one of the many benefits of buying a quality assured used car from bravoauto.

This exceptional level of cover is supplied with every used car as standard, and provides added peace of mind with complimentary home and roadside recovery.

Our bravoauto Assist package is made up of six main components: 

  • Roadside assistance
  • Nationwide recovery 
  • Home assist
  • Caravans/Trailers
  • Accident cover
  • Puncture cover 



What's included with bravoauto Assist?

If your car breaks down due to mechanical or electrical failure, sustains a puncture or is involved in an accident, bravoauto Assist will send help and seek to repair the car at the roadside. If this is not possible, your car, driver and passengers will be recovered. 

If your car cannot be repaired at the roadside then our breakdown assistance will arrange and pay for your car, the driver and up to five passengers to be recovered to the nearest relevant repairer. 

Should it not be possible to recover your vehicle, bravoauto Assist will arrange for your car, driver and passengers to be transported to your home or original destination. 

With home assist, we, will cover you should your car breakdown at your home address or within a one-mile radius.
If your car breaks down with a caravan or trailer (up to 23 feet in length) attached, this will be recovered at no extra cost.

In the event of an accident, which leaves your car immobile or illegal to drive, bravoauto will ensure your car is transported to a nominated local address within the UK. 
If your car sustains a puncture and you are unable to change the tyre, bravoauto will attend the scene and carry out the change of tyre for you to ensure you can safely continue your journey.