Car Standards Checklist

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bravoauto Car Standards Checklist

Every car bravoauto sells passes a strict criteria to ensure your next car is in tip-top condition. Our car standards checklist covers the condition of the exterior, interior and accessories. One of our qualified technicians also take each car for a rigorous road test and check over the mechanical components. Finally each car receives a professional valet before sale. 

Learn more about bravoauto's car standards checklist below.
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Our qualified technicians check the current condition of the car, ranging from but not limited to the following:

Paintwork, vehicle body, bumpers, and trim general

There should be no rust corrosion or discoloration on the painted area, including painted bumpers, body moldings, and mirrors
Repaired chips and scratches are acceptable provided the work is completed to a professional standard by repairers who can provide a full warranty on their work
Obvious evidence of poor repair, such as flaking paint, preparation marks, paint contamination, rippled finish, or poorly matched paint, is not acceptable


All dents over 25mm are repaired
Any dents under 25mm and classified as fair wear and tear
All dents where the primer or bare metal is showing are repaired


Any chips above 3mm with rust, corrosion, or down to base metal are repaired 
If there are more than five chips up to 3mm in size and in a 10cm x 10cm area, we’ll repair them. If the damage is still visible, it will be classified as fair wear and tear 
Chip touch-ins are of a good colour match, level, and durable


All scratches that can be removed by polishing will be polished out. 
Scratches, where the primer or bare metal is showing, and 25mm or over, are repaired.
If a scratch is under 25mm, it will be classified as fair wear and tear


Missing, cracked or damaged door mirror glass and housing units will be repaired or replaced

Lamps and Lenses

All lamps and lamp units will be in full working order. 
Minor scuff marks or scratches of 25mm or less are acceptable and classified as fair wear and tear
Marks over 25mm will be repaired
Where holes or cracks in the glass or plastic covers of the lamp unit are evident, the unit will be repaired or replaced

*Only applicable on our approved+ range’

Interior trims*

There may be some general wear and tear such as light scratches or light scuffing to interior trims in the following high use areas: boot areas, driver’s doors (below door pocket), door pads, sills, seat bolsters and kick plates. These are classed as fair wear and tear and will not be repaired.
Interior fittings such as rear view mirrors, courtesy lights, switches, sun visors and door card pockets will be free from damage.
Damage such as scratches, tears, or dents over 25mm in the interior and boot of the car will be repaired when visible from one metre away.
Damage such as scratches, tears, or dents less than 25mm are classed as fair wear and tear and will not be repaired.


All Infotainment equipment is in full working order*
 All previous personal data is removed.

Safety-related items

All safety-related items are in full working order, e.g., seat belts and air bags.


All cars are cleaned and valeted.

*Only applicable on our approved+ range.

Cracks and chips

Windscreens are free from cracks which are:
Over 10mm in the driver’s eye-line (Zone ‘A’).
Over 40mm in any other area of the windscreen.


Windscreens are free from any scratches in the driver’s eyeline when viewed from the driving seat (A zone).
Any scratches up to 75mm outside of the driver’s eyeline (Zone ‘A’) are classed as fair wear and tear

Heated screens*

If the car has heated front screen they will be fully working.
Heated rear screens are renewed if fewer than 75% of the elements are working

Wiper blades

Front and rear wiper blades:
Won’t shake or smear the screen.
Are free from splits.


Light scratches on the windows are classed as fair wear and tear. 
All tinted windows are free from damage and in line with the current MOT legalisation.

*Only applicable on our approved+ range.


All cars come with at least one key that operates the car manually and remotely.


All cars come with a bravoauto Keyring.

Satellite navigation*

If a satellite navigation has a missing SD card, it will be tagged as missing.   
All satellite navigation units are tested to make sure they’re working correctly. 

Charging cables*

Electric cars will come with a charger where applicable

Parcel shelves*

• All cars have a parcel shelf where applicable

Car Mats

 Car Mats will only be present if they were in the car when it came into stock. We do not provide manufacturer branded car mats. However, bravoauto car mats can be purchased at any of our stores.

*Only applicable on our approved+ range.


All cars complete a comprehensive 3-mile road test, as a minimum here’s what we test for:

Brake system and efficiency
Handbrake/electronic brake operation
Clutch operation and biting point (manual cars only)
Gear changing and the gear shift interlock
Starting operation hot/cold
Engine performance
Engine temperature
Any warning lights
Any abnormal noises and vibrations
Steering wheel alignment
Driver assistance systems
All Interior equipment operation
Convertible top / Wind deflector operation (if applicable)


All tyres have a minimum tread depth of 2.6mm across at least 75% of the tyre’s width.
A tyre’s manufacturer specification details are visible on the outside of the tyre, including the brand, size, and speed rating. 
Each tyre is in line with the manufacturer’s specifications, but tyre brands may differ. 
In the absence of run-flat tyres where required, a tyre inflation kit will be provided.
If a car has winter or all-weather tyres, all four tyres will be the same type.
Tyres feathering on the edge which is affecting the central 75% of the tyre, delaminating, showing the cords/canvas or affecting the drivability of the vehicle are replaced.
Excessive cracking/perishing across the face of the tyre or the tyre cracking is deep enough to reach the canvas/cords the tyre is replaced.
If the tyre has a repairable puncture this will be repaired, if non-repairable the tyre will be replaced

Spare tyres and tyre sealant kits

All bravoauto cars come with either:
A full-sized spare tyre 
A temporary emergency tyre
An emergency tyre sealant kit
Run-flat tyres 
Tyre sealant kits will be replaced if used or expired.
All cars come with a full set of locking wheel nuts and a locking wheel nut key if originally supplied with the vehicle
Spare locking wheel nuts are found in the car’s boot or glove compartment where applicable


Scuffing greater than 50mm on any wheel trim or alloy wheel will be repaired
Damage less than 50mm will be classified as fair wear and tear
If there are more than three scuffs less than 50mm the alloy wheel will be repaired.
All-wheel trims are:
Secure on the wheel.
Free from any cracks or distortions.
Always matched if they’re replaced.

150 point inspection

•   All vehicles receive a 150 point inspection to ensure meet our standards before the vehicle is marked for sale. 

Air Conditioning

•   Check the system and operation and ensure the vehicle is being cooled effectively, if the system is not operating correctly it will be repaired. 

Diagnostic System Check

•   The diagnostic fault memory is checked and any faults are investigated and rectified. 

Oil Leaks

• Oil leaks that are not visibly leaking and are potentially historic or breathing. 
 The course of action undertaken is a deep clean of the affected area, once cleaned an extended road test is required and a re-examination of the area. If the oil leak is still visible it must be repaired.
 Oil leaks that are visibly leaking oil require the route course determining and are repaired and rechecked after the road test

Brake Pads

Brake pads have a minimum pad thickness of 2.5mm or are over 70% worn.

Brake discs

Brake discs are measured with a vernier gauge in four different places and if the measurement is below the manufacturer’s specified tolerance the discs are replaced.
Brake disc corrosion needs to be on the pad contact section of the disc and is to be assessed after the road test to confirm if the brake discs require replacement or whether the corrosion has been cleaned off.
If the brake disc is excessively scored or pitted which will affect the operation of the brakes, the discs are to be replaced.


• Suspension springs that are cracked or broken require replacement.
• Suspension springs that are corroded are classified as fair wear and tear.*
Shock absorbers that are visibly leaking resulting in reduced performance require replacement.
Shock absorbers that are misting or breathing  and not resulting in reduced performance are classified as fair wear and tear.*
Suspension dust covers that are split require component replacement.*
Suspension dust covers that are not split or perished  and not resulting in reduced performance are classified as fair wear and tear.*
CV joint covers that are split or leaking are repaired.
CV joint covers that are perished and not leaking are classified as fair wear and tear.*

Manufacturer Warranty

Chart below shows manufactures mileage and warranty periods comes first, always check the terms and conditions of all manufactures warranties. Electrics vehicles have different warranty periods.

Vehicle Make Mileage Warranty Period
 Kia 100,000 7 Years
 Hyundai Unlimited 5 Years
 Lexus  60,000 3 Years
 Mitsubishi 62,500 5 Years
 BMW 100,000 3 Years
 Ford 60,000 3 Years
 Volkswagen 60,000 3 Years
 Vauxhall 60,000 3 Years
 Seat 60,000 3 Years
 Volvo 60,000 3 Years
 Nissan 60,000 3 Years

Safety Recalls

•   All vehicles are checked for safety recalls and these are rectified before the vehicle is delivered to the customer. 

Quality Control

•   A quality control process is in place ensuring we are adhering to our standards. 

*Only applicable on our approved+ range. Our approved range is prepped to a MOT pass standard, this may include some advisories.


All cars come with a minimum of 9 Month’s MOT


If required, the engine oil filter and oil are replaced in line with your car’s service requirements.
If required, we change the pollen filter, air filter, fuel filter and/or spark plugs.*
If required, we change the car’s timing belt (also known as a cambelt).*
All cars come with a recent service with at least four months or 4,000 miles remaining.

*Only applicable on our approved+ range. Our approved range is prepped to a MOT pass standard, this may include some advisories.

Fuel & charge

All petrol, diesel and hybrid cars will be supplied with £20 worth of fuel. This will be added to your invoice when delivered or collected.
All electric cars will come with at least 75% charge when delivered or collected.


The exterior of the car is hand washed.
All visible areas of the exterior are power washed.
The wheel arches and door shuts are cleaned.
The car is rinsed off and leather dried.
Polish is applied to the exterior, door shuts and brightwork.
Sheen is applied to bumpers and trims.


All windows and mirrors are cleaned (internal and external)
Wheels and Tyres
All wheel front facias are thoroughly cleaned using alloy wheel cleaner.
Tyre walls and tyre treads are free from mud and dirt.
All tyres are dressed
The spare wheel is degreased


Vacuum all carpets and upholstery (including the boot).
The upholstery is cleaned with shampoo (including the boot).
The dashboard, fascia, steering column, parcel shelf, glovebox, ashtrays and cupholders are cleaned.
The headlining, sun visors and door panels are cleaned.
The brightwork, steering wheel, gear stick, and handbrake are cleaned.
The dashboard, fascia, steering column, and parcel shelf are dressed.