GardX GX2 Graphene vehicle protection system

Protect your paintwork and interior for life

Multi award winning interior and exterior protection for your car

What is GardX GX2 Graphene and why do I need it?

Your car is constantly having to put up with daily dirt and grime, acid rain and UV rays. Nobody likes to have a dirty car. However did you know that every time you wash your car, you are washing away a layer of protection that is protecting your paintwork? Modern automotive paint is water-based and highly prone to fading and oxidisation. 

GardX GX2 Graphene is not a wax polish - It's a protective barrier that is for professional use only and is applied in 2 stages. It forms a highly resilient transparent coating that simply protects your cars paintwork helping you retain that showroom appearance for much longer.

Plus, it's not just available for the paintwork. The interior of your car needs just as much protection from drink spillages, food, pets and children too.



What we offer in-store

bravoauto offers the following services for GardX paint and interior protection:

GardX GX2 Graphene - Exterior 
If you look at your car paintwork under a microscope you will see lots of imperfections, known as 'castellations'. As your car ages these castellations attract all manner of environmental pollutants that degrade the paint, causing oxidation and fading. The GX2 Graphene system penetrates into the paintwork to seal and protect your paint from the elements.

Stain Guard - Interior 
Stain Guard Is a hi-tech formulation that coats each fabric fibre with an invisible barrier that protects against liquid spills, dirt, grease, oil and grime. Liquid spillage either passes straight through the weave without staining or simply beads-up and can be removed by wiping off with a clean cloth or vacuuming away.

Leather Guard - For leather interiors
If you have a leather interior, GardX's exclusive Leather Guard treatment will help protect the hide against stains, dirt and liquid spills and at the same time moisturises the leather to retain that supple giving that new look.

Benefits of GardX

The overall benefits of the GardX protection include the following:
  • Valuable protection for your paintwork and interior
  • Multi award-winning car protection system
  • Tested in the worlds harshest environments
  • Enhances future re-sale
  • Only protection system to achieve British Standard EN ISO 2812- 5:2007
  • Comes with assurance of a lifetime guarantee