Used car guide

Everything you need to know about how to buy, sell and maintain your used car

Top Five Used Hybrid Cars

Save fuel and running costs with a used hybrid car. Plug-in Hybrid or Self-Charging? Not sure which to choose?

Read our guide to the top 5 used hybrid cars, there is a hybrid for every need and budget.

Preparing For Your MOT

Every vehicle that is three-years-old or older must have a MOT test certificate which is renewed once a year by carrying out an MOT test. 

Around 36% of cars fail their MOT first time which is around 7.8 million a year. Over 50% of these fails are due to faults which regular maintenance and a few quick checks could prevent. 
We’ve put together this guide outlining the most common failures, and how you can prevent them.

What is a DPF or OPF?

DPFs are found in diesel engine cars and stands for Diesel Particulate Filter. OPFs are found in petrol engine cars built since September 2018 and stand for Otto Particulate Filter. These systems work in very similar ways and are part of the exhaust. They force the exhaust emissions through the filter which then captures many of the harmful emissions produced by the engine.

In this guide we’ll discuss both systems in more detail. 

Electric car maintenance

Electric cars require less frequent servicing due as they have fewer moving parts when compared to a combustion engine found in a petrol or diesel car.

Discover how the differences between electric cars and combustion engine cars reduces the maintenance required of an EV in this guide from bravoauto.

How to sell your car

bravoauto's guide to how to sell your car. Selling your car can be a stressful experience, but in this guide, we’ll talk through the options available to you when selling your car. 

View the guide to find out more. 

Are my tyres safe?

The tyres are the only contact point between the car and the road’s surface, they are crucial to the operation and safety of all vehicles. If your tyres are found to be not road legal you can face a fine of £2,500 and 3 points on your license per wheel.

In this bravoauto guide we compare winter tyres to summer tyres, discuss general tyre safety and what to do in the event of a puncture. 

Winter health checks

During the winter months Britain’s roads become more dangerous as the weather becomes colder and nights are longer. Colder temperatures place additional strain on cars and can escalate existing mechanical issues, which increases the number of breakdowns. However, by making a few quick checks you can reduce the likelihood of breaking down. 

Discover the simple checks you can make at home in this bravoauto guide to running your car in the winter. 

Why Buy A Car Online?

Discover some of the many benefits to buying your next car online; such as convenience, easy finance and home delivery with our helpful guide. 

Ensure Your Car Is Spring and Summer Ready

As warmer weather approaches and car use increases it is important to ensure that your car is Spring and Summer ready to help prevent a breakdown or breaking the law. 

Read our guide to some simple checks you can do at home, to make sure your car is safe and prepared for Spring and Summer.