Be Prepared For Your MOT

A guide from bravoauto to passing your MOT

Avoid the chances of MOT failure with bravoauto

Every vehicle that is three-years-old or older must have an MOT test certificate which is renewed once a year by carrying out an MOT test. 

Around 36% of cars or 7.8 million fail their MOT first time every year. Over 50% of these fails are due to faults which regular maintenance and a few quick checks could prevent. 
We’ve put together this guide outlining the most common failures – and how you can prevent them.

Checks Outside The Car

To reduce the chance of a fail there are a number of checks you can make whilst outside the car: 

  1. Brake Fluid - check the brake fluid level when the car is cold and parked on level ground by locating the brake fluid tank under the bonnet and checking the fluid is between the 'min' and 'max' markings. If the fluid is below the 'min' level you can top up the fluid by purchasing brake fluid from a local car store. Double check which brake fluid you need by checking the owner's manual.
  2. Tyres - as the only part of the car with physical contact with the road they should be checked regularly, not only before an MOT. Check the tyres for damage and use a 20p piece to check the tyre depth across the full width of the tyre. If the outer band of the coin is visible, your tyres could be under the legal limit. Click here to view our range of tyres and to order online.
  3. Lights - ask a friend or family member to help by checking all of the lights are working around the car such as; headlights, full beam, indicators, tail lights, fog lights and number plate lights. If any bulbs are not working they can simple and cheap to replace. Also if you have travelled into Europe and stuck on deflectors make sue you remove these in time for your MOT. 
  4. Number plates - must be visible and legible, so ensure they are clean. Also make sure there is no damage to them which makes it harder to read the number plate such as cracks and scratches. Finally double check the number plate is legal with the correct font and spacing.
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Checks Inside The Car

There are also a number of simple checks you can make whilst inside the car: 

  1. Handbrake - check the handbrake's operation, ensure it holds the car and does not need to be pulled too high. 
  2. Horn - check the horn works by pushing the centre of the steering wheel.
  3. Windscreen - is the windscreen free of damage such as cracks and chips? Damage on the windscreen in the driver's eyeline could cause an MOT failure so ensure you arrange them to be repaired before the test. Your windscreen washers must also work, so make sure there is plenty of screen wash in the car and the pump works as normal. 
  4. Seatbelts and airbags - check for any damage such to the seatbelts such as frays and cuts. The seatbelts should lock if pulled on with force and should retract when not in use. A missing airbag or airbag light will also cause a failure so have these in investigated before. 
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