Summer Car Maintenance Checks

Save time and money ensuring your car is in tip top condition this Summer

Easy checks to make sure your car is Spring and Summer ready.

Preparing For Hotter Weather

As Spring and Summer approach it is worthwhile checking your air conditioning still operates, especially if you have not used it over Winter. 

To do this turn your air conditioning on and make sure the air coming out gets cold quickly and there are no unusual noises. 

If your air conditioning is not working or you are not sure how to check the system, click below to book an air conditioning service or to find out more about our air conditioning service. 


Fluids and Filters

Dirty air filters and low fluids can increase fuel consumption and the chance of a break down during the summer. Dirty air filters reduce the amount of air getting into the engine which reduces performance, whilst low fluids can increase the chances of the engine over heating. The cabin filter can also become dirty over time and this may result in odours entering the interior and reduce its effectiveness in filtering dust and dirt.

The engine air filter is likely to need replacing every two years, so if this has not been done book your car in for a service

You can check the cabin filter yourself by locating it, removing it and checking it for dirt. If it is clean you are okay to put back but it may be worth replacing anyway now you have removed it. Ensure you it put back the same way up it came out. 

When the engine is cold, open the bonnet to check the engine oil and engine coolant levels. You should be able to find instructions in your car's manual. 

If you think your car is overdue a service, click below to book your car in or click to book a vehicle health check so you can be confident your car is Spring and Summer ready. 

Tyres and Wipers

Check the tyre pressures of your tyres by pumping them up to the specified PSI or checking with a tyre pressure guage. Under inflated tyres can wear out faster and increase fuel consumption. 

You need to also check the tyre tread to ensure they are still safe and legal, by using a 20p piece. If the outer band of the coin is visible, your tyres could be under the legal limit. 

If your car has a spare tyre make sure you check that also for any damage and that it is properly inflated. 

It is also a good idea to check your windscreen wipers clear the windscreen effectively, especially after a hard winter of use. Use the windscreen jets to check their is wiper fluid and that the wipers clear the fluid quickly. If they don't, you may need to change your wipers. Don't forget to check your rear wipers, too.

Click below to order replacement tyres or to book a vehicle health check.